*Get Wise, coming to you live from somewhere out in the middle of nowhere*

How long has it been now?

Since what?

Since Orakio left.

Orak left?

Where have you been, Chief?

I have a show to run. You know, Tool Time?

What now?

Nevermind. Anyways, where did Orak go?

You know Orak and his hair-brained ideas.

I do?

... ok, maybe not.

*stares blankly at Orakia* Ok...

Anyways, Orakio went to see some guy named Rolf.

I thought it was Ralph?

*walks into the scene, followed by audience cheers* I thought it was Ruff.

I'm pretty sure that it was Rolf.

How much you want to bet?

I bet my next paycheck on it!

Ok, I'm willing to put $5 on the line too.

I'm telling you, it is Rolf.

Why don't we find out? *walks away*

Where is he going?

To the Get Wise Archives.

What's Get Wise?

Long story...

*walks back with his head hanging*

So what was it?

Shut up!

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(Castlevania 2 - Silence of Day)