*meanwhile, in the lower bowels of the earth*

Ha ha! You said bowels.

*so did you, so shut up and just read the script!*

Bah, whatever.

*anyways, in the lower bowels of the earth*

KKK! Is everything going according to planned?

So far, so go Boss!

What news do we have of this "Orakio"?

He left on some weird mission, leaving Control totally defenseless.

Excellent. Now, who are my Beasts for this assult?

We've assigned a Catcus, a Flower, and a Mushroom to infiltrate Control.

*quickly walks in on his little legs*

*stomps his way in*

*walks in as well*

This is good. Looks like Breath of Fire is paying off.

Not really, we haven't played the game that much, so they can do whatever they want for attacks.


*gulp* Squad Plant! Forward!

*starts marching forward*

*follows the Squad*

This had better work, else I'll feel like Chicken Tonight. Like Chicken Tonight.

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(Castlevania 3 - Anxiety)