*back at Control*

Did you guys here something?

Yeah, I did.

What did you hear?

I heard you say "Did you guys here something"


Well, you asked if I heard something, and you said the word 'something', so I heard it and thus answered your question.

You really are dumb aren't you?

*a loud crash and a boom is heard in the distance*

Ok, I heard that.

So did I. Uh... what was it?

Sounded like a crash and a boom.

How could you tell?

I just could.

Will you two shut up? *plants her feet* Something is coming.

*crashes through the wall*

Yup... you were right.

Any idea on how to kill this thing?

I'm not too sure. These are more of these Nature Monsters.

*crashes in through another wall*

Why do these things crash in so easily? I thought you rebuilt this building, Toolman.

I used aluminum.

Instead of my original idea of steel?

It was cheaper. And besides, how were you gonna pay for it?

Why do you think I stepped down and handed you the blueprints? So that I wouldn't have to pay for it.

*crashes in through yet another wall*

Ok. Three on three. Where is our help when we need it?

Where is Orakio when we need him?

Uh... do you both realize that 3 of our walls are destroyed?

Yeah, so?

Technically, the roof should have fallen on us by now.

In that case, I suggest we run.

And lose our HQ? Never!

*runs in through one of the previous holes* We, the KKK, have returned.

Hey look. It is the Kanadian Krappy Khickens.

That's Kamikaze Kannon Khickens to you!

Yeah whatever.

*Points towards the last standing wall* This is the only wall that keeps Control standing. Once this goes, Control goes.

Orakia! Stop them!

*charges up some magic* I'll try.

*stand in her way*

Ok, this isn't good. I can't stop them now.

Set mode, cannonball!

Chief... and chief! Get out of here!

Well, I'm not arguing. *runs*

What about you?

Just go! I'll be fine! Get help!

Ok. *runs as well*

Fire! *fires a huge cannonball at the last wall, destroying it*

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(Chrono Trigger - Lavos Remix)