*after the smoke clears*

Hey! What gives? The ceiling hasn't fallen!

*looks up* What the heck? There are no walls holding it up.

*walks in, holding his arms up*


Orakia! Get out of here!

Are you holding this up?

Barely. My magic isn't what it used to be.

Plants! Get him!

Listen, get out of here. I'm gonna drop this on top of them.

There has to be another way.

I wish there was.

But then what do we do? FOWL will still live on.

Seek a man named Starbird. He might know of a way. *struggles to hold the roof up*

Rune... please don't die on us.

I've served my time. I've been pretty inactive until now.


Remember Orakia. Nothing lasts forever. Time is all anyone ever has.

... *nods* Thanks Rune. *runs away*

What is taking you guys so long? Get him!

*waits for all the monsters to get close to him* Orakio. I wish I could have seen you again. *drops his arms. The ceiling, which is 15 feet in the air, comes crashing down on Rune and the 4 FOWL members.*

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(Phantasy Star IV - Meet Them Head On!!)