*far outside Control HQ*

Orakia, you made it out alive.

Yeah. Barely.

How did that ceiling ever stay up? All four walls were gone.

*is silent for a moment* Rune held it up.

How? A ceiling like that must weigh a lot.

He used the last of his magic I guess.

Did he make it?

*is silent again* He sacrificed himself to destroy the 4 of them.

So FOWL is dead?

No. Just those 4. Their leader still lives on.


What do we do now?

I've already made a contact to RPGClassics. They are sending more suckers... er, I mean help.

Do you really think they are gonna help us out?

Rune told me to find a man named Starbird.



Either one of you know him?


Orakio once mentioned him to me when he started working at Control.

But how does Rune know him?

Your guess is as good as mine.

What did Orakio say about Starbird?

He said that they were really close friends at one time. He mentioned that Starbird was working on a weird machine that could control time.

Control Time?

Yeah. Weird isn't it?

How do we find him?

I'll go look for him.

You don't even know where to begin.

I'll just use the yellow pages on the HQ com...pu...ter.

Mhm. Now you see?

I'll find him, don't you worry about it. *leaves*

I hope he knows what he's doing.

I think we all hope that.

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(Phantasy Star IV - Pain)