*a few hours later, the help arrives*

About time you guys show up.


Eh! What the...? This is the help I get?

And what is wrong with this?

Who are all these people?

People from RPGC.

I know that much.

I'm Valkyrie Esker!

Hey! I'm Chris-Chris!

I'm MoonBeamGirl!

Greetings. I am Trillian.

Linkslady166, and you'd better not forget that.


Hello. I'm Dragonessa. I don't believe we've met, Chief Al.

Nope... I believe we haven't.


I'm Weiila.

And I'm Faetan, the lean, mean, tackling machine.

Great. All girls.

Shut up, Chief. Welcome back, Fae, Wei, Dae, and Nessa. And welcome aboard the rest of ya.

Where's Orakio?

Yeah, he said he'd be here.

You know Orakio?

Oh yeah, way before he went to join Control.

He actually showed us to RPGC.

Did I fail to mention that we have nothing but girls here?

No, you said it, but we just didn't pay attention to it.

*thud* If you want me, I'll be in the bathroom with my biguns.

What bathroom?

Ok fine! I'll go by the trees.

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(Landstalker - Overworld 2)