*back at FOWL's secret lair*

Nooooooooooooooooo!! Why did they have to fail me. Why didn't these creations have any bit of a brain?

*a rumbling is heard from a distance*

The only thing I asked was that they destroy Control, and they didn't even do that.

*another rumbling*

Well, at least their building is gone.

*walks in*

Ah, Captain Wolf. What brings you here?

Grrrr. I have heard that Control is looking for a man named Starbird.

Starbird? Does he pose any threat on us?

Nobody knows who he is.

I don't suppose that he'll pose a threat.

But why would Control want him if he couldn't pose a threat to us?

Hmmm... You have a point. Scout out this Starbird, then kill him.

Right. *salutes Zak then leaves*

Starbird. The name sounds familiar. *snaps his fingers. A newspaper appears floating in front of him. Zak grabs the paper.*

*rumbling is heard in the distance*

Ah yes. He's the guy credited for building a machine that controls time.... hmm... Captain Wolf!

*walks back in* Yes, sir?

Starbird is the man who invented the time machine. I want you to steal either the blueprints or the machine itself.

Time Machine? Why do we want that?

A person who can control time itself is considered the most powerful person in this world. We could turn back time, and kill Orakio before he is even born.

Hahahahaha! Evil plan, master! *walks away again*

This will be FOWL's greatest day. But right now, I need to handle those girls. *snaps his fingers*

*appears* Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Spikey Tiger. Go and kill those girls.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. *runs off*

Hahahahahahaha! The world will soon be mine.

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(Ecco: Tides of Time - Deep Ridge)