*back at... uh... Control*

Why are we here?

Yeah, when are we going to kill something?

Man you girls are annoying. You all remind me of "Big Red"

The chewing gum?

No, my wife.

Ok, enough about your wife now.

Well why couldn't RPGC give us men?

Because Mr. T has them all.

Ah yes. Remind me to fire him.

He was working here?

I paid him in milk money.


Awwww... such a cute kitty cat.

Ok... why did I make an appearance here again?

Because we like the kitty cat. *pets Myau*

Yeah. You're a cute one, especially with those ears. *huggles Myau*

Why did Orakio decide to put me in another Get Wise?

Probably because he needed to take up space on the page.

Why do I have to be the cute on though?

I don't think you can help it that much. You're just cute! ^_^ *huggles the kitty*

Oh great. *tries to run away*

*flies in and scoops up Myau* You know, they are right. You are a pecious little thing. *cuddles Myau*

(What else can happen to me?)

*meanwhile... again*

I say that I'm the toughest because I have a really big sword!

But I can tackle people.

Did anybody here leave me out?

I think I'm gonna join the other girls and that cat. *leaves*

Tackling can't beat swords.

It can if you use FIRE!

Hey! I'm still in this argument.

Quiet you.

Why don't you be quiet?

*runs in and jumps on top of Linkslady*

*runs towards Myau*

Eep. *runs in the other direction*

See. I wouldn't have run from that.

*from a distance* Shut up!

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(Castlevania 3 - Stream)