Guys, I really don't think this is the time to argue.

*runs in* *glares at Myau* Grrrrrrrrr.

Why me? *runs away*

*walks in* Sorry I'm late. *looks at the Tiger* Ok, sorry I'm not late. *runs away*

Where do you think you're going?

*points* This way. If you're smart, you'll come as well.

*shrugs* Ok, not like I wanted to die anyways. *follows Chief Tim*

Whoa! This is what we have to fight?


Of course not.

Is this the only enemy?

Looks like it.

Ok then. I can handle this myself. *flares up energy*

Woooooooooooow. Nice fireworks display.

You like it, eh?

What exactly do you plan to do? Your fighting ability is as good as mine.

But I can use magic.

Have you forgotten already? This thing won't be hurt by your magic.

Good point.

*brings in her really big spear* Ok, I'm ready.

*glares at Orakia* Grrrrrrrrrr. *charges after her*

*stabs the Tiger on his way over*

Roooooooooooooar!!! *stops in his tracks* Grrrrrrrrrrr. *glares at Valkyrie Esker*

*shoots the Tiger on his way over towards Val*

Rooooooooooooar! *stops and glares at DarkAuronGurl*

Well, at least we have it outnumbered.

*hops in*

Oh crap. Spoke too soon. Springbeak!

*runs in*

And Grimfowl.

Ok. What do you suppose we do now?

We attack! *claws retract from her hands* Charge! *attacks Grimfowl*

Exactly. FIREFIREFIREFIREFIRE!!! *casts a Fire spell on the Tiger*

*casts an Ice spell on the Springbeak*

Sure. You all pet the kitty, but yet you don't listen to it. >_<

The cat has a point.

Fine then. *takes out her spear and stabs the Tiger*

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. *glares at Daemoness*

*slashes the Springbeak*

*kicks Linkslady in retaliation*

Well, I can see that this is getting nowhere.

*heals Linkslady* I can see that we're gonna need some help.

I agree. Just a bit will help.

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(Chrono Trigger - Boss 1)