*finally, help arrives*

Who's this?

About time you show up, Starbird

Sorry. I saw what happens to this group. Needless to say, I had to change that.

What do you mean "you saw what happens"?

Long story, not enough time to explain.

So this is Starbird? Not exactly what I expected.

Glasses and armor? Are you whimpy knight like Rirse?



Did you get that sword completed?

It is missing one element to it, but it is mostly done.

What element?

No time to explain. Where is the enemy?

*surrounds Starbird*

This is it? Get real.

Can you do anything?

Well, it seems that I won't be much help to ya physically.

What can you do then?

Well, first off, tell your group to move back.

Ok. Group, move back!

*all of the girls move back*

Good. *ducks down* You guys might not believe that this will work, but you'll praise me later ^_^

Do what you have to do.

Ok. If you say so.

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(Mega Man X - Zero's Theme)