*Get Wise Season 2... now with Oraki-vision*

*stands in front of the ruins of Control* What happened here? Looks like Andre the Giant sat on our HQ.

*walks up from behind* I wondered when you'd show up.

Great, I'm hearing voices now. Listen! I'm not buying anything!

Why don't you turn around you putz.

*turns around* Starbird! How have you been?

I've been alright bro.

You called me bro. You do remember then.

Remember what? I call everybody bro.

Ah, doesn't matter right now. What happened here?

FOWL attacked here.

So they did what SYCO couldn't. Destroy this HQ.

Don't forget that they did it while you were gone.

Figures. They attack while Control was weak. Did anybody die during this?

Yeah. Rune.

Rune died? How?

The Toolman said that while FOWL knocked over the 4 walls, Rune used his magic to hold up the ceiling to allow the rest of Control to escape. After they escaped, he let the ceiling go, crushing the FOWL agents and himself.

So is that why you are here?

I'm here to get the old Zak back.

And what about my sword?

What about it? You'll get it when it is ready.

Alright then. One last thing.

What is that?

Where is Control being stationed?


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(Phantasy Star IV - Field Motabia Remix)