*at the new Control HQ*

Ah Orakio. Glad you could make it.

Hey Toolman.

How do you like our new HQ?

Well. I have no idea why you decided to make Mt. Katahdin our new HQ.

I ask the same thing.

Chief Al!

How was your trip?

I'd rather not talk about it.


Because then that'd be a spoiler to the next FARTS episode.

Oh. Well at least explain your new getup to us.

Oh this? Before I left, I took this with me. This is the Cape of Orakians.

Cape of Orakians? Any other thing you wish to name after yourself.

Well, ok, this was a costume that I once had, but it makes a cool outfit. I even added the jewels.

I swear, the more I see you, the weirder you become.

So where is everybody?

Well, the men are still on T Isle, but the women here were captured by Zak.

The only women here is Orakia.

Well, we had help from RPGC again. They gave us all girls. Dragonessa, Daemoness, MoonBeamGirl, Chris-Chris, Faetan, Weiila, Valkyrie Esker, Trillian, Linkslady166, and DarkAuronGurl. Zak took them all, including Orakia.

He's always taking the women. Well, I guess I'll have to go rescue them.

Confident as usual, hey Orak?

Just doin' my job, chief.

Sure you are, Orak. Sure you are.

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(Shining Force - Intro)