*meanwhile, in FOWL's secret prison*

*how long have we been in here now?*

About a week.

Could've sworn it has been longer.

Isn't there anything any of us can do?

I doubt it. *knocks on the bars* Solid steel.

That's not steel. I could melt steel if I had to. No, that's Laconia.

How the hell am I suppost to know that?

Can anybody think of a plan to get out?

Not me.

It's really getting boring in here.

Yeah really. Where is a Playstation when you need one?

*sits back quietly* The question is, where is Control when we need it?

Well, since Control is a bit late, I need a Playstation to keep me busy.

Oooooooooooooo. When I get ahold of that green freak, he's gonna get it.

*looks around* See that hole in the wall?


Think any of us can squeeze through there?

That's a tight spot.

Well, we can always try to make that hole bigger.


Stand back everyone.

*steps away from the wall*

MEGID!!! *fires a huge blast of fire at the wall*

Hey! What's that noise in there?

Uh, nothing!

Man, where does Zak get this army?

Probably from KFC.

Hey! Look at the hole now!

*the hole in the wall had now grown a bit bigger*

Well, this might work better.

Who do you think is gonna fit through there?

And not only that, where does this lead?

To another cell, but it is empty and the door is open.

How can you tell?

I can see through the hole to the other side.

But yeah, who is gonna fit through there?

Well, who is the youngest here?

*points towards Chris-Chris*

*points towards MoonBeamGirl* Dangit! Why do I have to be the youngest here?

Not a clue. Anyways, you've been elected to go through the hole. You mission, should you choose to accept it.

Without my sword? I deny!

SHOULD you choose to accept it (which you will by the way), is to escape here and head back to Control.

Oh, alright. I'll go. *squeezes through the hole in the wall* But I'm not happy!

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(Arcus Odyssey - Prison)