*back at... er... Control*


Ok what?

The Sword of Ages is complete...

Sweet! *reaches for the sword*

*slaps Orak's hand* Except I'm missing something.

Well what is it that you are missing?

*enters* Here you go, Starbird. *hands Starbird an ore made of some kind of metal*

Who's this?

Thanks Taiyaki.


I'm Taiyaki. you must be Orakio.


No, Taiyaki.



Ok, geez. No need to get upset, Tayki.


Pay no attention to him.

How do you two know each other?

I met her on one of my adventures. She helped me overcome some difficult monsters.


You got a problem with that?

No, not at all. What is that you brought though?

Of all people, I thought you would reconize Laconia when you saw it.

That can't be Laconia. Laconia has a bluish tint to it.

You said Laconia?


Starbird, you told me Raconia.

Now why would I say Raconia?

You told me Raconia.

Did not.

Did so!

Did not!

Did not!

Did so!

Ok, you win. You did tell me.

Man, and I thought I was gullible.

Shut up, Orakio.

Do you think Raconia will work?

Only one way to find out. *takes out a forging hammer*

Since when do knights forge?

Since now. ^_^ *heats up the Raconian ore, then forges it to the rest of the sword* There. Good as new. Here Orak! *hands him the sword*

*takes the sword* Hot! Hot! *flips it back and forth between hands*

You were right, Starbird. This guy isn't exactly the brightest guy.

Nope. Definately not.

*runs in the background, yelling "hot! hot!" and flipping the sword between his hands*

But he is strong.

*a loud crash is heard in the background*

Ow! Orak!

Er... sorry about that, Chief.

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(Crusader of Centy - Ice Palace)