*a large explosion is heard from a distance*

What the heck?

The volcano?

No. Too far away.

*runs in* I finally found this place!


Orakio? What's with the cape?

Orakian suit..

Or so he says.

What's wrong? How did you escape?

I escaped through a hole in the wall.

Are you ok?

I'm fine, but after I got out, I started hearing explosions from the prison area.

Oh great. I hope they are all alright.

Chris, do you know where the Prison is?

Some place called Shawshank.

South of here.

You know of the place?

Very cruel prison. Abandoned for years though. Torture chambers up the Ying Yang.

We've got to save them then!

We? I only see me.

You don't expect me to sit back here, do you?

Where is your weapon?

Zak took it.


Please Orak. I feel guilty leaving them behind.

*takes out the Orakian Blade* I have to use the Sword of Ages. I suppose I can trust you with the Orakian Sword.

Orakio, I couldn't.

I'd take it. After Control fell, we no longer have other swords.

... alright. I'll take it.

*hands Chris-Chris the gold-bladed Orakian Sword*

Wow. Pretty color!

Normally I wouldn't give this out... but we're in a tight spot.

Thank you, Orak. ^_^

Uh, I'd hate to bear the bad news. But FOWL agents are coming at 12:00.

It is 1:15. We have plenty of time.

I mean due north you idiot!

I've got it.

So do I.

You sure you two are alright?

Listen. Just head to Shawshank and rescue the girls. But do NOT harm Zak. One touch of that sword and he'll be dead.

Isn't that what we want?

I'm the one to blame for FOWL appearing. I want to set things straight.

*nods* Alright. *takes the Sword of Ages* C'mon Chris. *walks off*

*follows Orakio*

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(Shining Force - Circus Battle)