*meanwhile, at the Shawshank Prison*

Grrrrrrrrrrrr. I can't believe you fools let a prisoner escape!

Sorry boss!

Didn't you hear the explosion?

They said that it was nothing.

Pipe down in there!

Now look what you've gotten us into. How they managed to kidnap us and hang us upside down is beyond me.

You know, we wonder the same thing.

What should we do to them, Orakia?

Dip them in the acid!

That's too cruel. Good idea, but cruel.

Let me tickle them!

No, let me tackle them!

Not the tickle!

Nothing beats the electric chair.

Except for the acid.

No. I think I'll just let them hang around for a while longer... while I tell some good ol' Orakian jokes.

Noooooooooooooooooo! Please, give us the Acid! The Acid!

Three men walk into a bar...

*aims Cannon at self*

... you'd think the 2nd guy would have noticed.

Fire! *blows self up*

That was unexpected.

You're gonna pay for that! I have chicken guts all over me now. I prefer raw beef!

We aren't paying for anything. Now tell us where the weapons are!

If you really want to know, get closer to me.

Just tell us, or it is the weird evil machine thingy of doom for you.

Well... since you put it that way. *snaps fingers*

*disappear and reappear hanging upside down* What the?

*Disappears and reappears standing up.*

I could've sworn we had you tied up.

Nothing can stop my fingers from snapping.

Ok. Next time we cut off his hands.

You're lucky I'm letting you all live this long. After Starbird gave me a false Time Machine, I've been pretty mad... and so has my god.


You will all be sacrificed to my god. He awakens from his sleep tonight. Once I sacrifice you all to him, he will become immortal. Not even time can stop him.

Don't you need 11 sacrifices though?

Who told you that?

You did.

I have my ten. *counts* One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight... nine...ten.. Where the hell is the 11th one?

She escaped, remember?

Ah yes. That's right. No matter... she'll return... but not without a little warm-up. *snaps fingers*

*climbs down on a web from the ceiling.*

*runs in, crashing through the wall* Rooooooooooooooooar!!!

*crawls in from under the ground*

Widow, Raptor, Anaconda. The foulest of all FOWL.

Orak will have no problem with this.

Oh no? Raptor! Show them your speed!

*runs out the door and returns 5 seconds later with stickers all over him*

Paseo? London? Maine? RPGC?

Paseo is on the other side of the world.

What speed. Let's see if your Orakian can handle this. Hahahahahahaha!

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