*at the entrance to Shawshank*

Yup. This is the place.

Good. *takes off the cape*

I hope I'm ready for this.

I hope I am as well.

Where is your armor?

Don't need it.

Why not?

I just don't ^_^.

??? Ok... Then what is gonna protect you from attacks?

Why do you think I brought you along?

I thought you were gonna protect me!

Me? Protect?

Yes! In dire cases of course.

I thought you could handle yourself.

Well I can, but man... have you not seen what Zak can do?

I know all that he can do. He did put me out of commission for a while you know.

Yeah. I know.

So do you expect me to protect you from him?

Well yeah! You do have the Sword of Ages.

I can't use it on him.

Why not?

Starburst gave me strict instructions not to hurt Zak.

Starburst? Thought it was Starbird.

It is. I just like to tease him.

Shall we go in?

Beauty before age? *offers Chris-Chris to go first*

I think I'll go behind you.

*shrugs* Suit yourself. ^_^ *walks towards the entrance to Shawshank*

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(Castlevania 3 - Aquarius)