*inside the entrance of Shawshank*

So this is Shawshank?

Yup. Now, if I can remember where we were being held.

*climbs down from the ceiling*

Well, it didn't take Zak long to send out the monsters.

No... it didn't.

What do you expect that we do?

The Great Orakian is asking me?

Is that a sarcastic remark?


Ok. Then I assume that we kill it. *grabs his sword*

*shoots a web at Orakio*

*dodges the attack* Ha! It will take more than that!

Because he is the great Orakian! ^_^

More sarcasm?

Not this time.


*shoots a web at Orakio again*

*his sword is entangled in the web* Oh great.

Want this sword?


You expect me to kill it?


Can't you use magic?

Magic don't work against these, remember? *starts to untangle his sword*

Ok already. I'll kill it.

*starts to chase Chris-Chris*

You know. That is a big spider now that I look at it closely. *runs towards a wall*

*chases her*

Keep him on the ropes! You're doin' fine!

*traps her against the wall*

Yup. I'm working on it! *jumps up against the wall and wall kicks off of it. While in mid-air, she takes her sword and slashes the Spider across it's back*

*roars in pain*

Whoa. Where did you learn that?

It's a secret. ^_^

Man. Wish I could move that fast.


*sneaks up behind Chris-Chris*

Behind you!

Huh? *turns around*

*lifts one of it's legs and starts to make a stabbing motion towards Chris-Chris*

*untangles his sword* Move out!

*moves aside*

*stabs the Spider with the Sword of Ages*

*roars in pain as it starts to age, and then decompose right in front of their eyes*

Thanks Orak.

Wow! That was totally awsome. Did you see how he...

Shush Orak. We still have to go on.

Yeah, I guess we do.

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(Golden Sun 2 - Battle)