*inside Zak's Lair*

*still hanging upside down*

How do my women love my upside-down rope torture device of doom type thingy?

Come again?

Nevermind. Before long, my God will awaken and accept his sacrifices.

You've said that already.

Shut up! Or you'll be my first subject to the Acid.

No! Not the acid!

Orakio has already made it past your first guardian. What do you suppose you're gonna do now?

Send in my next one of course.

... ok.

He'll get here... but he'll be weak.

What exactly do you have planned for him?

To prove the power of my God, the world will see it totally destroy the world's greatest hero. If the Orakian can't stop my God, than nothing can.

You are a crazy SOB aren't you?

Call me what you want... but you won't be around much longer.

*the clock strikes 11 o'clock*

One hour left. One hour until my God awakens.

Well, we've got an hour left to live. Anybody got anything to say?

Yes. Zak, you suck!

... that hurt. Not as much as you're gonna be hurt.

Orakio. If you are out there. Get yourself in here!

Screaming won't get you anywhere. My God loves it when you suffer.

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