*back at our heroes*

Ha! *slashes*

*roars in pain*

*stabs at the Anaconda*

*quickly dies and decomposes*

That was easy enough.

Are we close?

I don't know.

*from a distance, a voice is heard screaming "Orakio!"*

Follow that voice!

*runs in and tackles Orakio from behind*

Ooof! *drops his sword, which slides many feet away.

*runs at the Raptor and starts to slash it*

*cuffs Chris-Chris away with it's tail*

Ugh! *falls many feet away from the Raptor*

Damn. I can't reach my sword. *tries to reach for the sword while the Raptor sits on top of him*

*gets up*. I'll get it! *runs after the sword*

Just don't touch the blade!

*gets up off of Orakio and tackles Chris-Chirs* Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Chris! *quickly gets up.*

Help me... PLEASE!

*runs and jumps on top of the Raptor* Gotcha! *puts the Raptor in a headlock*

Nice headlock.

*starts to wildly shake to try to get Orakio off of him*

Thaaaaaaaaankkkkkk yoooooooooouuuu!!! *desperately tries to hold onto the Raptor*

*stabs the Raptor in the shoulder*


*jumps off the Raptor and runs for his sword*

*glares at Chris* Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Eep. *runs*

*chases Chris*

Chris! Duck!


Just do it! *runs after the Raptor*

*stops and ducks*


*jumps over Chris and attempts to slash the Raptor*

*ducks the attack*

*lands flat on his face* ... ow... that hurt.

*runs towards Orakio*

*rolls over on his back*

*jumps on top of Orakio*

*grabs the arms of the raptor and flips him off of him*

Roooooooooooooooar! *is sent flying to the other end of the room*

*stands beside Orakio* This thing is way too fast.

Yeah. Definately.

*starts to run at Orakio and Chris-Chris*

Here it comes again.

Don't worry. I've got it. *holds its arm out towards the floor in front of him* Megid! *fire shoots out of his hands and hits the floor*

*is blinded by the ashes that pour out of the Megid spell*

*jumps over the fire on the floor and slashes the Raptor*

Roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooar!!! *quickly dies and decomposes*

That was too close.

This is too much. I've never fought like this without powering up in my life.

Why don't you power up?

I don't know why. I guess... uh... I forgot?


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(Phantasy Star Online - Vol Opt)