*the clock strikes twelve*

Now! My God! The Dark Entity! Awaken!

*rumbling is heard close by*

This isn't good.

Where is Orakio?

*enters* Would you believe he's right here?


*enters* Sorry I was late guys*

You ARE too late! The Dark Entity has arisen!

And this scares me how?

Because the Dark Entity cannot be harmed by time.



Holy cow! That thing is huge!

Chris. Free the girls and get out of here.

I don't thinks so! *snaps his fingers*

*disappears, dropping the Orakian Sword*

*appears hanging upside-down with the rest of the girls* What the...???

Mmmmmm... a nice snack you got me this time, my faithful follower.

You're not gonna touch them!

You think you're gonna stop me? Puny human!

I'm not human! *flares up energy*

What is this... power?

I'm an Orakian!

Mmmmmmm. What power. I must have.

*grabs his sword* Don't you even dare!

What exactly are you going to do? Your puny Sword of Ages cannot stop me. I am immortal.

Face it. You don't stand a chance, Orakian!

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(Super Smash Bros. Melee - Alloy Warrior)