I didn't know you could warp.

We didn't.

We came to Shawshank about 6 hours from now because we heard nothing from you.

Then, we used the Time Machine and brought yourselves here.

Hehhehheh. Starbird. Old pal.


Why don't you join us?

Because this is evil.

Well duh.

No Zak. I'm here to stop you... and to help you.


How come they aren't fighting?

Old friends. I'm sure something is gonna happen.

Oh boo hoo! I want my snack!


Did you just pronounce my name right?

... I guess I did.


Anyways, free the girls and then get as far away from Shawshank as possible.

Ok. *goes to free the girls*

What exactly are you doing with my snack?

Don't worry about your snack! Why not go for a full meal?

You look tasty, Orakian.

*starts to sneak out the back with Taiyaki*

Thank you, Orakio.

*picks up the dropped Orakian Sword* I'm staying.

Orakia! It is too risky.

I don't care. I'm gonna fight!

Two Orakians? Mmmmm... Meal and desert!

What exactly do you want, Starbird?

*touches Zak's shoulder* Come with me. *disappears with Zak*

Where are they going?

Who cares? Get in my belly!

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