*in the past*

Why did you bring me here?

This is the place.

What place?

You don't remember? The place where the accident happened?



Zak! Come in here! I have something for you to try out.

*walks in* What is it?

Drink this! It is my latest formula.

Why me?

Because I trust you with this.



Ok, Starbird. We've been friends long enough. I trust you. *drinks the liquid*


Why did you make me watch this again?

Because you have forgotten who you were.

It is your fault that I am this way.

Why? Because now you have some power?

Because I am ugly!

Is that why you turned to evil?

I had a fiance before this happened! She left me after this!

I tried to reverse this. I went into the past to stop you, but a man named Tsarkon took the potion, drank it, and destroyed the world.

So you left me like this.

... yes.

You totally ruined my life. After my girl left me, I wanted nothing more than to destroy the world. And I still want that.

But do you remember the times we used to have?


Hey Star! Look at this!

What is it?

*picks up a stone* What is this weird blue stone?

Hmmm. It looks like Laconia. The strongest metal in this world.

*walks in* Zakky Poo!

Jessica! *runs towards her*


Why did you bring me back here? This is too painful.

So you want other people to feel this pain? You used to be a warm-hearted guy. I know that you still are.


C'mon Zak. We have to head back. We still have the Dark Entity to take care of.


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