*back at Shawshank, at the present*

Who cares? Get in my belly!


That was fast.

Time means nothing to them, remember?

Zak! I command you! Bring the Orakians to me!

*stands in front of Orakio and Orakia* You will not touch them!

*moves his hands upward*

*starts to float* Uh oh.

*moves his hands forward*

*flies towards the wall* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *crashes, head first, against the wall.*

Starbird! *runs to his side*

You fiend!


You're next, Orakian! You will be my sacrifice. Then I will have power enough to rule the world!

Why is everybody so concerned about Ruling the world?

Because it is fun.

Ok... just checking.

Ugh... *gets up* It will take more than that to stop me. *stands in front of Orakio*

Starbird, no!

Must you suffer again? *moves his hands up again*

*starts to float again* Not again. *gulps*

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(Final Fantasy VI - Boss Remix)