Now... you will... *is hit by a huge fire bolt from behind* Roooooooooar!

I'm not going to let you harm him.

Zak? Why are you abandoning me?

You do not deserve to exsist in this world. It was you who turned me this way.

*decends towards the ground*

I never thought I'd see the day when you'd betray me.

I found something more important... and much stronger than you will ever be! The power of friendship!

Spare me your human feelings. You forget that you are not human!

I am human! *snaps his fingers*


But I also have power. Which right now, you have very little of.

Zak... I'm disappointed in you. You now realize that I must crush you.

Crush us if you can! *disappears*

Poor Zak. You were a good follower. I'm a vengeful god... you will die before the next full moon. Hahahahahahahahaha!

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(Final Fantasy VI - Searching for Friends Remix)