*somewhere in a Dark Cave*

Who's idea was this anyway?

Ok, I'm sorry, get over it.

Why are we here again?

This is the Laconian Cave. I need to get some Laconia.


The Dark Entity fears Laconia.

Starbird... that was Lashiec that feared Laconia.

It was? Then what the hell does the Dark Entity fear?

Your mother! Ooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!

You pain in the neck.

Will you two shut up please?

Zak, you know the Dark Entity. What does he fear?

He fears nothing, but for some reason, his soul cannot stand the presence of Laconia.

Much like Laconia can't stand the presence of Chief Al's sole. Get it, sole? Hahahahahaha!

You know Orak... maybe you should consider getting some help. Serious help!

Enough you two. The Dark Entity is getting stronger by the minute.

So is Chief Al's feet.



Hahaha. You guys need to lighten *takes a step and falls through a hole* uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!! *lands with a thud* Ooof!

*peers down the hole* You alright?


I'm going down. *flies down the hole*

Luminia! *waves his hand, which gives light to the room*

I thought we told you not to use magic. The Dark Entity will know we're here!

Sooooooooorry! *calls off the spell*

Grrrr... *turns around*

Hey, what's that?! *points ahead*


That blue light up ahead.

It must be Laconia! *jumps down into the hole*

I'm going in after it.

*lands* Wait a sec, Orak. It could be booby trapped.

Why would it be trapped? *takes a step towards the Laconia*

*the floor begins to shake*

To guard the Laconia, you nincompoop!

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(Final Fantasy VIII - Sewers)