*jumps down from the ceiling*

This is the trap? After all that shaking, we get this?

A ninja. Just great.

Why worry about a ninja?

*jumps down behind the group*

Two of them?

I knew it.


The two guardians of Laconia. Laco and Nia.

Is that like Masa and Mune from Chrono Trigger?


I am Laco.

I am Nia.

And I'm Orakio! Nice to meet you. Can we have some of your laconia?

What the hell are you doing?

You really are dumb, aren't you?

Fools! You wish to have some of our Laconia, but you must defeat us to get some, because we are EVIL!!!


This is just too easy. *raises hand to the air* Megid!

You fool! No magic!

Dammit, too late.

*huge balls of fire shoot out of his hand and attack Laco.

*quickly dodges the attack* Fool! It will take more than that to stop us!


*punches Laco in the face*

That will do. *falls over*


Is that all you can say?


*punches Nia in the face*

...d. *falls over*

Good. Now grab the Laconia and let's get out of here!

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(Final Fantasy VIII - Force Your Way)