*back at Control HQ*


Any idea what is wrong, Raja?


Well, it certainly isn't his personality.

... And I thought my jokes were bad.



Is he going to be alright?

Some Laconia-Graphite syrup should do the trick. I need an ore of each though in order to make it.

Laconia? *looks at his Laconian ore* Here. *hands him the Laconia*

Orak. Nooooo... You can't give it up.

I can always get more.

Now all I need is Graphite. Anybody got a pencil on them?


For the graphite.

.... *looks around*


When did you get back here?

Wal*Mart ran out of food.

*points north* A new one opened up. Go there.

Yay! *runs to the new Wal*Mart*

Well, somebody's gotta get me some Graphite in the next 72 hours. Else Starbird is a goner.

Great. Who is suppost to test the new recruits for Control?

Well, I think right now that is the least of your worries.


*busts in* Party time!!!!

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(Final Fantasy IV - Castle Damcyan)