Ok all you pencil-necked geeks. Line up by the desk. My secretary will take your names down.

Hey, who hired you back!

I'm taking charge again. Selan! Get in here!

You called?

Take the names of all the people who applied for the job. Tell them to wait in the auditorium...

Uh, Al. We're in a volcano. The auditorium was destroyed with the rest of control.

.... SHUT UP!

Take down names, go it.

Them tell them to have a seat.

Gotcha. *goes off to her desk*

How are we gonna test these guys?

I have two guests who are going to do that. The two of them with Orakio should be able to handle them.

*enters* Wow. What a hell hole this control is.

That's because this is practically hell. We are in a volcano you know.

Good, then it isn't just me. Where do I sign up?

Ok, name?

Seraphim Ephyon... Black Mage with a sword.

Ok. Next!

*enters* I hear Control is hiring. Maybe if I enter, I won't get captured.


Weiila, white magic user and healer.

Gotcha. Next!

*enters* Dude, what happened to that dump we fixed a while back?

Ah, D Galloway. You're here to try out?

Yeah, sign me up.

D Galloway? Next!

*runs in* Am I late?

Just in time. Name?

MoonBeamGirl... catgirl/unicorn.


Crotanks! Crotanks!

Ok, ok! Next!

*steps in* Chris-Chris.

Didn't realize you were trying out.

Why? I handled myself fine last time.


PC Glenton.

The man without a face? Next!

I'm Wizardmaster.

Ok. Next!

Valkyrie Esker.

Is your name on the list?

Who cares?


I'm here.

Crotanks, you've already showed up.

Uh. I'm right here.


Hey! You took my sprite!

Did not! I had this first.

Prepare to die... uh...

GG Crono.

Yeah. Prepare to die! *attacks GG Crono*

Bring it on! *the two roll around fighting each other*

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(Phantasy Star IV - Pao Pao)