*at the... auditorium*

Welcome one and all to the Control Try-Outs.

Get to the women!!!

*throws a shoe at GG Crono* Shut up, Crotanks!

Ow! I'm GG Crono for crying out loud!


Oh, you didn't have enough the first time?

Bring it on! *starts to fight each other again*

*sigh* Why are we doing this? *throws his other shoe at the two*

*passes out due to the smell*

Now, as I was saying, these are the Control Member try-outs. For one week, you all will be put through the most rigorous training known to mankind.

Good. Bring it on!

Yes. What is it we have planned?

There are 10 of you who signed up. We're gonna split you up into 3 groups, 2 groups of 3 and a group of 4. Each group will have a leader.

Who are the leaders?

I was just getting to that. Everybody, please welcome two of the three leaders, Rulakir and Rulakia.

*walks in*


*wakes up* ...er... yay!?

*wakes up* What happened? *looks up* Oh no! Rulakir! We're gonna die!

Shut up you insolent pest!

Ok. *shuts up*

Who's the 3rd leader?

He should be arriving.

*walks in* Chief, *whispers* Orakio is gone.

What? Again?

Boy, you sure know how to pick them.

*takes off his socks* You want some of this?

*Gets out his flamethrower* Just bring it!


Nevermind Chiefs. I'll take Orakio's place.

You will?

Orak? Where is he?

He's gone to find some Graphite. Evidently Raja needs some.

Doesn't matter. Anyways, see Selan to get your team number, then meet with your team leader for your training assignments.

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(Final Fantasy VIII - SeeD)