Dammit! How did you get to be on the same team as me?

Just my bad luck, I guess.

Great. I have these two to worry about.

You two had better behave, or I'll have to get a bit rough with you.

Just stay out of my way, GG.

Just as long as you stay out of mine.

Shut up you two. Our assignment is to head to the Western Desert and to bring back the Wing of the Queen Sand Ant as proof of us defeating it. So I suggest you get a lot of water.

Fine by me.

And just so you know, you'd all better try your best. I have to pick one of you losers to go onto the final round.


What is it we're planning to do?

Yeah. It'd better be easy so that I can win.

Who cares? This is just gonna be fun.

Well, I hope it is for you three. We're heading to the northern Snowfields. We need defeat the Ice Ape and bring back the right paw.

Alright! Ice Ape!... uh... what is an Ice Ape?

You'll see. You'd all better try your best though. My job is to pick one of you three.


Where are we going?

Hopefully somewhere where I can get some target practice.

Where is our leader anyways?

Yeah. Where is she?

I'm right behind you all.

There you are. So where are we going?

We're not going too far. We're going into the deep depths of this Volcano, where nobody has ever dared to go before.

Ah, kinda like on Star Trek.

Uh... yeah, like that. *rolls eyes* Anyways, in there is something Chief Al wants badly... a bottle of Gold Bond foot powder.

That's it? Why don't we run to the nearest drugstore and pick one up?

Because he said that with this bottle, he can order a free copy of "Big 'Uns".

The Chief is one sick man. To risk our lives for Big 'Uns.

So are you going?

Heck yeah.

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(Chrono Trigger - Leene Square)