*meanwhile, in the Eastern Forest*

Ok. The book said that there was Graphite in this area of the world.

And you're gonna believe some book.

I have nothing else to go by.

*runs* Wait up!

Taiyaki? What are you doing here?

I can't let anything happen to Starbird. He's been too good of a friend. I want to come along.

I understand what you're saying. We won't let anything happen to him.

We'll find that Graphite.

How? This forest is huge.

Have faith, Tai. Just have faith.

Yeah. And remember not to use any magic. This goes double for you, Orak.

Alright already. I won't use any magic.

Yeah, well you said that last time, and we nearly lost the Laconia.

What is wrong with using magic?

The Dark Entity can sense magic. We barely escaped last time with our lives.

And for the last time, I'm sorry! Geez Louise.

Anyways, let's just continue.

Yeah, let's.

*shrugs* Ok, fine by me.

Wait a second. What's that black stuff glowing up ahead, in the tree trunk?


Alright, I'm going in after it.

Wait you idiot! Didn't our last adventure teach you anything?

No, what?

If there is an item that's just laying out there for somebody to grab, chances are that there is a trap.

Why is that?

RPG Rule #5692. "An Item that lays waiting for somebody to grab always has a trap."

Ok, then how will we get it?

We go in together and grab it. If there is a trap or a guardian, then we can all face it.

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