*charges at the Queen Desert Ant*

*swats GG Crono away*

Ow! Why you little! *charges at it again*

*swats him away again*

Hey! That hurt! *charges again*

*to Crotanks* Aren't you gonna help him?

Nah. I rather enjoy seeing him get beat up.

Then I will. *holds his hand towards the Ant* Dark Cannon! *fires a huge shot of Dark Energy at the Queen Desert Ant*

*is hit by the attack* ...

*slashes the Queen Desert Ant*

Oh well. I might as well help out. *plants his feet and brings his arms back* Ka-me...

... Oh crap. *runs out of the way*


This doesn't look good for me. *steps out of the way*

You disintergrate that thing, no wing for any of you, thus you all fail.

HA! *fires a huge blast of energy at the Queen Desert Ant.*

*is hit by the attack and sent back* Oooooooooooooooooo.

*runs up to the Ant and stabs it in the heart with his sword*

Ooooooooooooooooo... *dies*

*runs up to the now dead and and cuts off a wing.* There, I got it!

*takes the wing from GG Crono* Good job everybody.



Alright, I'm going I'm going.

Eep! *runs*

*draws his sword from the dead ant and walks slowly behind the rest*

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(Breath of Fire - Battle 1)