*inside the depths of the volcano*

Ok, the Gold Bond is down here somewhere.

Ya think? Why else would we be here?

You do realize that I'm bigger than you, don't you?

... yes.

Good, then shut up.

Let's get this overwith then. This place gives me the creeps.


You know, for some strange reason it gives me the creeps as well.

You two are wimps.

Let's see how you react when you see giant spiders crossing down here?

Spiders? Where? *shoots the ground* Die spiders!

... Ok.

Can we hunt spiders while we're down here?

No. We're here for the Gold Bond.

Should we split up?

But I want to hunt spiders!

Weiila, no. D, SHUT UP!

*the yelling echoes through the caverns*

Pfft. Fine!

*roaring is heard in the distance*

What was that?

Did we wake something up?

*voice* Who dares wake me up?

I guess we did.

Show yourself!

Hahaha. Good luck with this one guys.


*points to the distance*

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(Castlevania 3 - Beginning)