Fine. Someone, where is my sword?

I still have it with me.

You do?

Hmmm. This is a good opportunity.

For what?

The finals of the tryouts. Let them face this thing.

We can't let them fight him. He's too strong.

*runs and slashes King Nole*

Too late I guess.

Just sit back and back them up if they need it.

So where is my real competition?

Right here!

And here.

Give me a break.

You doubt us? *takes a stone out of her pocket* Time to show you what a Half Dragon can do! *starts to transform*

What's this?

Oh nothing much. *takes out the Orakian Blade* Hope you don't mind.

Go ahead.

*raises his hand to the air* Dark Nova! *huge comets of dark energy shoot down from the sky*

*doesn't budge* Your dark powers do not frighten me.

Seraphim... my look-a-like. Dark Entity... what do you think he's gonna be strong to?

You need to tell me these things. Besides, I thought it was King Nole.

Good point.


*jumps and lands on King Nole with the Gungnir sticking through him.*

*roars in pain* You insolent pest! *throws Valkyrie Esker off of him*

*catches Val in mid flight*

Thanks... now let me go!

*slashes King Nole then picks him up and flies to the top* Dragon Slam! *flies down with King Nole still in her arms, and as they reach the ground, she kicks him off as she flies away and he hits the ground*

Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. *collapses*

*appears* This power cannot come from a half dragon. Bide your time Control, because I will return. *disappears*

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(Mega Man VII - Wily's Fortress 4)