*at Control's secret volcanic hideout*

When in hell are we gonna get out of this Volcano?

Probably as soon as we can afford to build a new HQ.

You do realize I sell shoes, right?

So what's your point?

Why are you still here?

Because I still need to get some Laconia.

That doesn't explain why you're still here.

That doesn't explain why you're still here, Al.

I'm the chief, what are you talking about?

Who re-named you Chief. I'm still chief here you know.

Maybe if we remove a letter from the word "Chief", we can get a title for Al.


Wait a second. I don't want to be a Chif.

What's a Chif?

Isn't that a name for a male stripper?


... I'm not even going to go there.

Oh well.

I meant if you take the "i" way from chief, you get Chef. Chef Al!

Chef Al?

Wait a second. Don't Chefs cook?



... yeah.

Hot damn. I'm in for it!

You'd rather be a Chef than a Chief?

Hell yeah. I haven't eaten in years. This is a good chance for me.

Well, glad I could help.

*to Tim* What is he still doing here?

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(Final Fantasy II - Town)