How is the Laconian Sword coming, Starbird?

Slowly. I need some Laconia, remember?

Didn't we have some?

Yes, but we had to use it to save me.

Why did we have to?

... you prefer to have me dead?

Of course not. Who else would I get to try out my Shoo Soup.

Shoo Soup?

We could get our new agent to try it.

I doubt it. Orakio is very protective of her right now.

Why is that?

Because she's in training... or at least that is what he tells me.

What is she in training for?

Have you forgotten already?


Crap. I was hoping you'd remember.

Why is that?

Because I forgot as well.

She's in training to become a control agent.

Oh yeah.

God. Why did you have to put me with morons such as this?

Because I said so.

I wasn't talking to you.

Well I'm the closest thing to what you were talking to.



... *thud*

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