*a little later that day*

*enters* Hey there.

Hey Chris-chris.

Have any of you seen Orakio today?

Can't say as though I have.


I haven't seen him for quite a while.

Great. Where would he be?

Why are you looking for him?

We were suppost to train today again.

He's still training you?

Evidently so.

What exactly has he been teaching you?

Well, just yesterday he taught me how to fish.

He taught you how to fish?


What day is today anyway?


I know that. What is the date?

August 1 I believe.

Hmmm... wonder where he could be.

Well, thanks anyway. I'll find him.

Good luck Chris-chris.

Just call me Chrissy. All my friends do. ^_^ *leaves*

This is what we hired?

We? Aren't we getting plural all of a sudden?

Yes we. You helped me pick this.

Hey, you're the Chief now. I'm just the Chef.

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(Final Fantasy XI - Bastok)