*knocks on Orakio's door* Orak?

*walks up behind Starbird* What is it you need?

Need Orakio.

I wouldn't disturb him right now.


Let's just say he's in a... FOWL mood.

... ok.

What do you need?

Well, perhaps you can help me then.

Sure. What is it you need.

Well... *tells Orakia the story*

Oh dear. I'd better go help her.

*walks in* Orakio?

No, I'm not Orakio. I'm his sister, Orakia.

I'll leave you two alone. *leaves*

Can you tell me where Crys is?

Well, you'd probably better sit down for this one.

*sits on the floor*

(God... I can tell she's an Orakian already) In a chair.

*gets up and sits in a chair*

Boy... you sure look like your brother.

You know him?

Orakio knew him more.


You see Crystal... your brother Crys was a Control Agent. He was killed on an assignment a while back.

Killed? My brother? The one I never got to know?

I'm sorry, Crystal.

... No... don't wory about it. I'm fine. *gets up*

You have the eyes.

What eyes?

I think you'd better sit back down again.

*sits down in the chair again*

... I can't believe you're still alive. My father claimed that you had died when your mother was giving birth to you.


Crystal. You're my sister.

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