So wait a second... I'm an Orakian?

Well, half Orakian, which makes us half sisters.

Than... where are my magic powers?

Crys never had any either. He was very skilled with fighting though.

*moves her cape aside to reveal twin daggers* You mean like I am?

I suppose so.

I always knew something was different about me. I never dreamed I'd actually be an Orakian.

Well, settle down. I wonder how your brother is going to handle it.


Yeah, Orakio. Probably the strongest of us Orakians... too bad he isn't that bright.

Men. Figures.

*opens the door to Orakio's room* Orakio?


He might be still sleeping.

He was sleeping? Why?

I dunno. He seemed pretty down today. I wonder why.

Today was his birthday.

It was? Oh man. And nobody remembered? No wonder he is down.

Birthday? How old is he now?

Him and his twin brother are 18.

He's got a twin?

Yup. As do I.

Do all Orakians have twins?

Most of them.

Who is she?

This is Crystal. Crystal, this is Chris-chris.


Call me Chrissy.

Anyways. *walks into the room and lifts the covers* Orakio?

Is something wrong?

I'll say. Orakio's gone!

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(Final Fantasy VI - Returners)