Where could have he gone to?

*walks in* Where is Orakio?

We'd like to know the same thing.

We need him. I saw a shadowy presence enter my dorm and take my Time Machine Glasses. Before I could stop it, it disappeared.

The Dark Entity?

I doubt it. Too small. About my height.

This can't be good.

... *falls to her knees*

Crystal? What's wrong?

... I... don't know. *her legs become transparent*

What the?

Uh oh...

What do you mean uh oh?

The exact thing I feared when I developed the Time Machine. Someone has gone to the past and...


By the looks of it, killed your father... by my calculations, right before him Crystal's mother knew each other. It explains why you're not disappearing.

Help... me! *disappears completely*

??? This is heavy.

There isn't much time. We need to get the Time Machine back.

Look at the sky! *points up*

... A cloud of Darkness. It can't be.


The Dark Entity... he's gained absolute power.

Big bummer.

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(Phantasy Star IV - Suspicion)