Oh no...

He's possessed him finally.

And his hair is totally tacky.

*in the voice of the Dark Entity* Ah... Having this much power is fabulous.

Where is Orakio!?!?

I've disposed of that wretch. His body and powers are all I wanted.

Orakio... no...

*holds up the Time Machine Glasses* I believe you were looking for these?

The Time Machine!

Hahahaha. I tricked that sucker into stealing them for me. As soon as I conquer the world, I'll be able to go back in time and finally destroy the last remaining Orakians!

We're gonna stop you before then.

Bwahahahahahaha. I'd like to see you try. Gilligan! Skipper! Take these three to the dungeon.

Why the dungeon? Why not kill us now?

*slaps the back of Starbird's head* Don't give the fool any ideas.

The dungeon is where all evil guys send their prisoners.

Walk this way, fools!



Just go guys. We might be able to come up with a plan.

No! I refuse to go! *jumps and kicks off of Skipper*

Stop that! That tickles!

*flaps her wings and flies away*

Stop her Gilligan!

Gee Skipper. That's pretty high up there.

No matter. I doubt a baby dragon poses much of a threat. Take the other three prisoner.

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(Lagoon - Danger)