*back at Control*

I knew they'd forgotten something.

You're right they did. You told me I'd get some adventure.

Ok, Rocket Knight. You'll get some.

Call me Sparkster.

Ok... Sparkster... (funny, that's what I named my dog).


Now, how much am I going to pay you?

I work for free. I don't need any money. Besides, I've seen the other Mercanary you hired. Trust me, you're gonna need all the money you can get.

Yeah. You ain't kidding.

So what's the plan, stan?

The name is Tim... and the plan is to go into the Air Castle, get the Time Machine, get out of there in time before I send the other Mercanary. He will destroy the Air Castle and everything in it.

Good. When do I leave?

*points up* Whenever you're ready.

*flies in, breathing heavily*

Chrissy? What are you doing here?

They have the others locked up. Those two goofs got them locked up.

I guess we have a new plan then. Bust them out as well.

Who's this?

*bows* I am Sparkster, Rocket Knight. Handy with the sword and my rocket pack.

Good. Get them out, get the Time Machine, then get out before everything blows up.

Blows up? You can't do that!

Why not?

Orakio is in there!

What??? I didn't see him or send him.

The Dark Entity. He possessed him!

Great. Just great.

What do you suppose we do?

I've already deployed the Airship to take and drop off the Mercanary in exactly 1 hour.

We'll have to hurry then.

One hour? Orakio will die!

... I know.

We've got to save him!

You can try, but don't kill yourself in the process.

I have to try. *flies away*



Get the assignment done. Don't worry about Orakio. If this explosion can kill the Dark Entity, then I'm sure that Orakio would want it this way.


Good luck.

Save it for someone who needs it. *sets his rocket pack off and flies through the roof*

*tiles crash on his head* Figures.

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(Sparkster (SNES) - Level 1)