(First stop... uh... to stop the thief). *appears in a room in control's volcano*


*voice* You know you want to do it.


*voice* Grab it, now!

Orakio! Stop!

!!! What do you want?

Stop this now.


*takes the 2nd Time Machine from Orakio's hand* Oh. And Happy Birthday. *disappears*

... *shakes head* That was weird.

*voice* Doesn't matter.


(Next stop... my lab)


I dunno Starbird.

Trust me, Zak.

*appears* Starbird! Stop!

What the?

*looks* You know, this is one damn good looking guy.

Thanks. Now, I must stop you. Destroy that formula and that potion now.


If Zak drinks it, his life will be ruined. If the formula remains, the lives of everyone else will be ruined.

How do you know?

*shows the Time Machine* I'm from the future.

Ok. Now I'm confused.

Grrrr. I knew there was a reason I should have stuck with baseball. *dumps the potion down the drain.* You sure about this?

Trust me. Everything will be fine once this is done.

*burns the formula* Alright then.

Thank you. *disappears*

Who was that good looking man?

I think it was you.


(Last stop... Crys' final battle)


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *the rest of the skull breaks off and falls down*

Well, that has taken care of him.

Not quite. We've only taken care of the skull. His soul still remains.

*appears* You're right. Crys, come with me.

??? Who are you?

Starbird. Time Traveler from the future. You must come with me.

I must stay here.

*grabs Crys* Trust me. *disappears with Crys*

... well that was weird.

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(Phantasy Star IV - The Promising Future 1)