*back at control*

How long has he been gone now?


About 3 seconds.

... Crys?

Who's this?

Crys, this is your twin sister.

Hi Crys. I'm Crystal.

You mean I have a twin?


Sister! *gives Crystal a hug*

(weird... there should be an alternate timeline around here. This is where things really get heavy)


Zak? *looks shocked*

You look as though you haven't seen me in years.

Uh... nevermind.

Hello Starbird.


Yes. It's me.

(I wonder...)

You alright?

... yeah. (if Zak never turned evil, then how or was the Dark Entity summoned?)

Did you bring back my Orakio?

He isn't back? (of course not... if he never left, she wouldn't be asking, and he'd be standing right here.). He must have still gone.


Where's the Dark Entity? Who summoned him?

Have you forgotten so soon? FOWL summoned him.

(so FOWL is still around... but who leads them.) Who leads them?

Two knights known as Skipper and Gilligan.


I think we got them all though. The Air Castle has sunk, and nothing could survive that blast.

(ok). Ok.

Everything seems fine. Just a shame that Orakio had to die.

(ok, stop. Let's see. Crys is back, and Crystal is happy. No problems there. Zak never turned into a beast, so he's still with Jessica. However FOWL still lived on, and it was Gilligan and Skipper that lead it and summoned the Dark Entity. But... the Dark Entity still possessed Orakio... damn) *breaks the Time Machine* (no more time travel for me... I dunno if the fans can handle it.)

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(Final Fantasy III - Town)