*not long after the battle, a sad day at control*

Has Sparkster come back from his search yet?

Not yet.

It's been two days and still no sign of Orakio.

*walks in* Any news yet?

Not a thing.

*hang head* Ok.

Why are you out of your armor, Chrissy?

I haven't felt much like fighting. I'm too worried.

Don't worry. None of us have really felt too good lately.

Don't worry. I'm sure Orakio is fine. Maybe he's just... lost.

*flies in* Well... I'm back.

What did you find?

Well, I found a nice fruit vendor outside of this volcano, about 10 miles north.

You did? Were the prices good?

You bet. Bananas and apples are cheap... and good.

I'll have to go there then.

Enough you two. Sparkster, what news do you bring of Orakio.

*is silent for a moment* I found no remains. All I found was a bit of blood by the spot where the air castle crashed.

So Orakio... is he?

*is silent*

*starts to tear up* That's alright... *runs off*

What's wrong with her?

I don't know. Do you think she's grown close to Orakio?




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(Sailor Moon: Another Story - Silver Millenium)