*walks in* Did I just hear right?

*walks in* Is Orakio really... dead?

I'm afraid so.

I refuse to believe it.

Sparkster saw for himself...

He said that he didn't find remains though.

Just the same.

It is possible that he could have survived.


Even if he did survive a crash like that, what makes you think that he'd even be strong enough to get home?


Anyways, onto a new topic.

Not just yet.

Why not?

I need to ask you something.

What is it?

When I was looking around the Air Castle's ruins, I noticed something... mechanical.



Yeah... I saw bits of steel everywhere. Gears, cogs, the works.



If I can get the right parts, I might be able to fix it and send it back into the skies again... but.

But what?

... nothing.

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(Lufia - Sorrow of Parting)