*just then, the door slams open*

*on his knees* I finally... made it... *collapses*


He's alive?

*slowly gets up*

Why are you still like that?

... The Dark Entity... still lives. He inhabited my body long enough to change my form.

Think we should tell Chrissy?

Yeah, go get her.

Roger. *leaves*



Yeah... you feeling alright?

*shakes head* I'm a little dazed still.

Just take it easy. As for the Dark Entity, we'll find him. His time here is almost up.




You don't look so good. Why don't you go down and see Raja?

No. I'm fine. Just let me rest. *walks away*

Orak. You're going the wrong way. *points* Your room is that way.

Musta forgot. I'm tired, ok! *walks in the other direction*

Did he seem a bit... weird to you?

I think he's just tired. A he was blown up and crashed you know.


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(Lufia - Sinistrals)