*in Orakio's room*

What kind of jabroni has this crap in his room? Look at this. A teddy bear with a blue ribbon? *tosses it aside* A picture of his family? Yuck.

*a knock on the door*

Who is it?

*opens the door* Orakio?


Orakio! *runs over to him and hugs him*

What are you doing?

My my. The shock must be affecting you. You do need rest.


*hugs him still* But I'm so glad you're alright.

... why are you hugging me?


I don't like to be hugged. Just leave me alone.

But... Orak?

Please leave me be.

... fine. *leaves*

Women. What the hell good are they? *looks around* Orakio... I can't believe a man with such a warm a heart as this would ever be a threat to total darkness. *picks up a picture* What is this? That baffoon and the half dragon? Hmmm... if they are an item, I might have just made a costly mistake. Oh well, no matter *tosses the picture aside*

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(Lufia - A Reunion)