*the next day at Control*

Ok, now to get the air castle running, I'm gonna need some steel.

You're always wanting some kind of metal.

You have a better idea?

Not really.

*walks in*

Oh good. Orak, I see you're doing better.

Not really. I'm very tired.

You had all night to rest.

... right Starbird.


Have any of you seen Chrissy or the Chief?

The Chief is at the Air Castle Ruins... and Chrissy hasn't come out of room all day.

Hmmm. I'll have to see her then.

No need. Here she comes.

*walks down the hallway*

Hello Chrissy!

... YOU! *charges at Orakio*

Uh oh.

*spears Orakio to the ground, then shakes him* Why did you break our picture?


Don't play dumb with me. Our picture. How could you break it? You broke my heart!

What in the name of shiny paper is going on?

*gets up off of him* I should have never trusted you.

Chrissy? Are you alright?

*walks in* Hey everybody... is...

What the hell?

... YOU!

Uh oh.

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(Lufia - Kingdom of Alekia)